Welcome to the JBI Collaboration (JBIC) Resource Portal

The JBI Collaboration (JBIC) Resource Portal provides JBIC Entities with current resources pertaining to their collaborative activities, including administrative information, forms and templates; policies and procedures; and tools and resources to assist in the conduct of core and elective activities within the JBIC Activity Matrix.
We encourage you to browse the Resource Portal and welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional content and resources. As our needs and practices change, so will the Resource Portal.

Introduction and background on the worldwide JBI Collaboration   

Annual Event Calendar with JBIC Meetings, Colloquia, Symposia & JBI Short Courses

Guidelines, resources and links for prospective and recently established JBIC Entities

Overview of the JBIC Activity Matrix, guidelines and resources for the JBIC Annual Review 

A Directory of all JBI EBP Tools and Resources available to JBIC Entities 

General JBI/JBC Resources including JBIC Handbook, Intro to JBI Handbook & PPT

JBI Organisational Chart of Divisions, Offices and a contact list for all JBI Adelaide Staff

JBIC Entity Policies and Procedures i.e. Entity Staff Administration, Entity Directorship etc.

All administrative forms and templates relating to JBIC Entity membership and activity 

A searchable reference for terms and descriptors regularly used by JBI 

Guidance for JBIC Entities on how we communicate including use of logos

For further information about the JBI Collaboration