Welcome to the JBI Field Collaborators Program

JBI Field Collaborators are a global community where the members play an integral role in developing and reviewing evidence-based resources that sit within the JBI EBP Database. As a professional activity, the program enables members to engage and collaborate with international experts within their selected field and contribute to the development of evidence-based resources for health professionals.

Benefits of being a JBI Field Collaborator

Being a JBI Field Collaborator is an opportunity to:

  • Engage and collaborate with international experts within your field.
  • Contribute to and enhance the quality of evidence-based resources within your field.
  • Develop a portfolio of work that supports professional development and clinical licensing requirements
  • Build your CV with evidence-based publications.
  • Be recognised as a Clinical Title Holder with the University of Adelaide (if all requirements to become a title holder are met)
  • Receive discounts on JBI Adelaide educational courses and conferences.

Become a JBI Field Collaborator

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