Organisations awarded with FULL Endorsement receive the ‘seal of excellence’, indicating their commitment to the provision of evidence-based, quality healthcare. These organisations can formally promote their JBI Endorsed status to the public. Fully endorsed organisations will be recognised in JBI social media, and will have an online presence on the JBI Endorsement website.

Organisations granted with either FULL or PROVISIONAL JBI Endorsement are afforded a range of benefits, including:

  • Collaboration and engagement with a world-leading network in evidence-based healthcare and opportunities to collaborate with JBI and its Collaborating Entities on research, implementation and evaluation projects and publications
  • Access and support with a range of courses, training, and workshops
  • Eligibility to request for evidence summaries
  • Discounted fees for JBI’s world-class training programs including the JBI Evidence Implementation Training Program and Comprehensive Systematic Review Training programs (Adelaide only)
  • Discounted registration for JBI Colloquia
  • Opportunities for participation in JBI activities
  • Opportunity to present in a JBI-organised conference (national and international)

Collaboration and Engagement

As cross-institutional and international collaboration becomes increasingly important in the world of competitive funding, JBI Endorsement offers members the opportunity to work together with a truly global consortium of experts in evidence-based healthcare education, research and implementation.

JBI and its international JBI Collaboration (JBIC) are committed to furthering the vision and mission of the institute globally through the delivery of high quality programs of evidence synthesis, transfer and implementation. Clinicians and academics from the JBIC agree that healthcare professionals on the frontline of service provision have unique insights to offer the evidence-based endeavor and that academic-clinical partnerships will form a strong foundation for the planning and delivery of evidence-based services. JBI Endorsement enables members to have access to the combined expertise and experience of a truly global network of professionals in a range of health related fields.

Discounted JBI Event Registration 

Each year, JBI and its growing global Collaboration holds an international conference event. This event is an opportunity for JBI, its Collaborating Entities and Endorsed organisations to showcase activity and achievements internationally, to invite speakers from other prominent organisations in the field, to network and share experiences and knowledge around evidence synthesis, transfer and implementation. JBI Endorsed organisation staff enjoy a discount on registration to attend and/or present at these events.

Participation in JBI Activities

JBI Endorsed organisations can participate in JBI Expert Reference Groups for specialty areas such as the Cancer Care, Burns Care, Aged Care, Cardiovascular Care, Infection Control, Renal Care, Emergency and Trauma, Rehabilitation, and Mental Health.

Courses, Training and Workshops

JBI and its worldwide Collaborating Entities are available to provide resources and support for a variety of courses, workshops and training in the use of JBI’s diverse range of tools and resources. Endorsed Organisations can draw upon the experience and expertise of local JBI Collaborating Entities in providing courses, training, and workshops.

Evidence Summaries

JBI Endorsed organisations may request evidence summaries on topics that are not available in the JBI Evidence-based Practice Database via Ovid; this includes two evidence summaries in the first calendar year and four per subsequent calendar year while maintaining active endorsement.


JBI Endorsed organisations can present their quality improvement activities during the annual JBI international conference.

Discounted JBI Adelaide Training Fees

JBI is committed to building and sustaining capacity across its network of Endorsed organisations. JBI and a growing number of its Collaborating Entities around the world offer a range of education and training courses for clinicians, managers, educators, academics and students from the fields of nursing, allied health, medicine, information science and the health sciences. JBI Endorsed organisations are eligible to access discounted course fees for JBI Adelaide Short Courses and Workshops: 20% for the Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program, Clinical Leadership Workshop and GRADE Workshop, and 10% for the Evidence Implementation Training Program.

Comprehensive Systematic Review Training

The Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program prepares researchers and clinicians to develop, conduct and report comprehensive systematic reviews in order to provide the strongest possible evidence to inform decision making or clinical guidelines in healthcare.

Throughout this world-class systematic review training program, which incorporates both theory and hands on experience, participants learn how to develop a focused question, search for relevant literature, appraise and synthesise evidence arising from research. By the end of the program participants will have a completed protocol and be ready to commence a full review.

Evidence Implementation Training

The Evidence Implementation Training Program is offered by JBI in Adelaide as well as several JBI Collaborating Entities globally. It provides clinicians, managers, policy makers and quality managers in healthcare with proven approaches to implementing evidence into practice. It is a six-month program which includes two one-week blocks of intensive workshops with an implementation project in the participant’s local institution between each workshop. At the end of the program, participants will have a report ready for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and accessible in international medical citation databases and Google Scholar.

Clinical Leadership Workshop

The Clinical Leadership Workshop enables clinical leaders and leaders-to-be from all healthcare disciplines to develop strategies related to clinical leadership and change management in health care using real world examples. This workshop provides participants with information and practical techniques to create a more positive, personal and professional culture back in their workplace. It also helps participants to identify strategies that will assist in managing difficult behaviour, building productive teams and implementing change, thereby enabling effective leadership of projects and people.

GRADE Workshop

The 1-day GRADE workshop is designed for systematic reviewers, guideline developers and others wanting to learn more about GRADE methodology, particularly the creation of Summary of Findings tables and Evidence Profiles.