Endorsement Process


The first step towards JBI Endorsement is to submit an application to JBI along with the required documentation (refer to Forms). JBI conducts an on-paper assessment, with a follow-up interview with the nominated contact person (as required), to determine the organisation’s level of compliance with the Standards and criteria, as outlined above. The outcome of assessment is released within 21 working days. If successful, JBI Endorsement will be offered on either a Full or Provisional basis.  

Full Endorsement

Full endorsement is granted to an organisation that demonstrates compliance to all JBI Standards and criteria, and entitles the organisation to all the benefits of the program.  

Provisional Endorsement

Provisional Endorsement may be granted where an organisation has expressed interest in achieving JBI Endorsement but does not yet meet all of the Standards and criteria. This first year allows the organisation to experience the benefits of JBI Endorsement and to build familiarity with the Institute, its programs and resources. The only difference between provisional and full endorsement is that the former are not eligible to formally promote their Endorsement status externally until all Standards and criteria are fulfilled.

Unsuccessful Application

Where an application has been declined, an organisation may formally appeal the decision in writing. All appeals will be acknowledged upon receipt and considered by the JBI Endorsement Coordinator and Executive Group. Every effort will be made to provide the appellant organisation with a final decision within seven working days of the appeal.

Maintaining Endorsement

Eligibility for JBI Endorsement is reviewed on an annual basis. Organisations are able to maintain Endorsement indefinitely providing Standards and criteria continue to be met each year.

To maintain JBI Endorsement, organisations are required to submit annual reports addressing the JBI Endorsement Criteria (Annual Report Form). Reports must be submitted to the JBI Endorsement Coordinator by 31 January each year.

All JBI Endorsed organisations are given a date-specific certificate to publicly display their status as well as electronic copies of the JBI Endorsement branding and logos for use.

If a JBI Endorsed organisation has not met the Standards and criteria over the preceding 12 months, or fails to provide documentation, ongoing Endorsement will not be granted.


The annual endorsement fee covers all costs associated with processing an application and is commensurate with the size of the Endorsed organisation. The annual fee for JBI Endorsement is waived in the first year. Fees are to be paid at the beginning of each subsequent year of Full Endorsement.

Organisation / Unit size

Annual Membership fee (from year 2)

Small (≤50 beds or ≤ 20 Full-time Equivalent staff)AUD 900
Large (51-250 beds or ≥ 21 Full-time Equivalent staff)AUD 1,500