Welcome to JBI Endorsement

JBI Endorsement is a recognition awarded to healthcare organisations that demonstrate commitment to evidence-based healthcare and an organisational-wide culture of innovation and excellence.

JBI Endorsement can help provide your hospital, nursing home, clinic, or other healthcare service with the standards it needs to garner status as an organisation with the highest-quality healthcare practices.
As a JBI Endorsed organisation, not only will your organisation demonstrate credibility to patients, clients, practitioners and stakeholders but it will also benefit from a variety of other perks as a part of JBI’s global movement in evidence-based healthcare.


A brief introduction to the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) including its vision, mission and core values, and an overview of the JBI Model of Evidence-based Healthcare

A guide to Standards and Criteria for assessment to achieve JBI Endorsement

A comprehensive list of benefits associated with achieving FULL or PARTIAL JBI Endorsement

Contains information about the type of organisations that can apply for JBI Endorsement

A quick guide on how to apply for JBI Endorsement, including requirements for maintaining Endorsement and associated fees

A collection of forms and other documentation required for the JBI Endorsement application

Includes PowerPoint presentation about the JBI Endorsement Program 

Contact the JBI Endorsement Coordinator