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The JBI Manual for Evidence Implementation is intended to provide an overview of JBI-endorsed approaches to getting evidence into practice. There are many different approaches that can be used to implement evidence into healthcare or community settings. This manual covers some of the approaches utilised within JBI that can inform clinicians striving to get evidence into practice.

In particular, this manual is aimed at participants undertaking the JBI Evidence Implementation Training Program (formerly Evidence-based Clinical Fellowship Program) and health professionals and organisations wanting to implement evidence into practice. The manual serves as both a resource to contribute to the field of implementation science and as a practical guide for those who are currently undertaking or planning to undertake an evidence implementation project. 

This manual intends to cover the broad spectrum of evidence implementation approaches. The first introductory section situates implementation science within the broader evidence-based healthcare (EBHC) context. This section explains in detail the JBI Model of Evidence-based Healthcare and our approach to evidence implementation from a theoretical perspective, while highlighting some key elements that we deem critical for any evidence implementation activity.

The following sections cover the various approaches that JBI currently uses and endorses for evidence implementation. Section 2 of the manual provides a detailed guide for evidence implementation projects using an audit and feedback approach informed by the JBI Implementation Framework as seen in the JBI Evidence Implementation Training Program (formerly Evidence-based Clinical Fellowship Program).

In the future, additional sections will be included, such as using a guideline development/adaptation process, as seen in clinical decision support systems, action research and journal clubs.

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