Welcome to the JBI Scientific Writers Program

JBI Scientific Writers are involved in updating the evidence base of JBI Evidence Summaries.

Evidence Summaries are short articles (2-3 pages on average) that summarize existing international evidence on common healthcare interventions and care processes. They are on specific clinical topics that are targeted at healthcare professionals (see a published example).

Being a Scientific Writer is an opportunity to develop skills and expertise in:

  • searching databases for literature
  • evaluating the relevant and quality of literature to be included in an Evidence Summary
  • writing high quality summaries that concisely describe the issue and report the evidence for clinical policy and practice.

Potential professional benefits include:

  • developing a portfolio of work that supports professional development and clinical licensing requirements
  • being named in evidence-based publications (building your CV).

Scientific Writers follow detailed guidance and search selected databases for recent, relevant, high quality evidence related to the topic, critically appraise the evidence, update the Evidence Summary in line with the evidence and outline the process in a technical development report.

Where possible we try to match the Evidence Summary topics to a writer’s specialty area(s) but this depends on which summaries are due for update. Scientific Writers are expected to work on any topic that is necessary and receive a nominal payment for work completed.

A brief introduction to JBI including its vision and an overview of the JBI Model of Evidence-based Healthcare

An outline of the roles and responsibilities, processes, policies and payments for JBI Scientific Writers and how to apply to become a JBI Scientific Writer

A guide on the process for updating JBI Evidence Summaries, and the steps involved. Included is a checklist and information about peer review and approval

Includes a comprehensive guide for JBI Scientific Writers, referencing and style guide, and examples of a JBI Evidence Summary

A collection of forms and other documentation required for JBI Scientific Writers

Contact the JBI Scientific Writer Administrator