Selecting your studies

How to import and include/exclude studies in JBI SUMARI

Uploading from file

  • After creating a project, navigate to [Studies] from the top menu bar

  • Select [Import]

  • Find your saved XML and/or RIS file and click [Open] 

  • Click [Save] and then [Back] to return to the studies home page

Manually inserting studies

  • After creating a project, navigate to [Studies] from the top menu bar

  • Select [Enter Study]

  • Select the type of citation to begin

  • Enter the relevant information into the text fields

  • Click [Save] and then [Back] to return to the studies home page

Study inclusion

  • Once all your studies have been entered into SUMARI you must now decide to include or exclude your study, based on the studies relevance to your project

  • If the study is relevant to your project select [Include]

  • If the study is not relevant to your project select [Exclude] after excluding a study you will be prompted to provide a reason as to why this study has been excluded

Does JBI SUMARI support study screening?

JBI SUMARI does not currently support study screening at the title/abstract stage. To assist with this stage of the systematic review process, JBI has partnered with Covidence. Through this partnership, Covidence has become JBI’s recommended production platform for screening in systematic reviews and together with JBI SUMARI ensures a productive and efficient systematic review development pathway for JBI reviewers.

Covidence is a web application that facilitates study screening and selection and allows for independent, blinded screening processes at both the title/abstract screening stages and the full text selection stages. It also facilitates risk of bias assessment and data extraction; and conflict resolution and consensus amongst review teams. 

What are the file types that JBI SUMARI will accept?

JBI SUMARI accepts file type extensions from most reference management software in the .XML format.  .XML file types from databases such as PubMed will also be accepted, as will generic .RIS files.

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